Zagreb Security Forum 

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Gordan Akrap

Dr. Gordan Akrap

Hybrid Warfare Research Institute, Croatia

Born 1966, graduated at Zagreb Faculty of Electronics and Computing in 1994. In 2011 he received a PhD at the University of Zagreb, in the field of Information and Communication sciences. The title of his PhD was “Informational strategies and operations in public knowledge shaping”. He had an active role in Homeland war. During his career in diplomatic and security structures of Croatia he completed a number of professional courses, including Diplomatic Academy. He is active in research of national and regional security, intelligence and history of Homeland War. He published a number of books, and papers in journals and proceedings.


Miroslav Tuđman

Prof.Dr. Miroslav Tuđman

St. George Association, Croatia

(b. 1946, Belgrade) Professor of information theory at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Zagreb. Deputy Director of the Office for National Security (UNS) and the Director of the Croatian Intelligence Service (HIS) from 1993 to 1998, and from 1999 to 2000. He is head of the Croatian Parliament Delegation to the Parliamentary assembly of the NATO, and member of the Foreign Policy Committee, Domestic Policy and National Security Committee, Defence Committee, and of the Inter-parliamentary Co-operation Committee of the Croatian parliament.Contributed to various scientific projects, published fifteen books and over a hundred articles in scientific journals; editor of a dozen miscellaneous works. Active in research, both in the field of information theory and national security and intelligence.


Shlomo Shpiro

Prof.Dr. Shlomo Shpiro

Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, president of International Intelligence History Association

Director of the Europa Institute  at Bar-Ilan University, and Senior Research Fellow at the BESA Center for Strategic Studies. Since 2008 he is also Chairman of the International Intelligence History Association (IIHA). 

He specializes in intelligence, terrorism and security studies. His research activities concentrate on the role of intelligence services as political mediators in the international arena, the intelligence activities of terror organisations, intelligence ethics and political influence, and on security crisis management and crisis communication.


Zagreb Security Forum 2019


  • Anna Abelmann (D)

  • Dr. Gordan Akrap (HR)

  • Prof.Dr. Mirko Bilandžić (HR)

  • Prof.Dr. Marc Cools (B)

  • Gen (res.) Dr. Ephraim Lapid (IL)

  • Prof.Dr. John M. Nomikos (GR)

  • Major General Mate Pađen (HR)

  • Prof.Dr. Iztok Podbregar (SLO)

  • Gen. (ret.) Andre Ranson (F)

  • Prof.Dr. Shlomo Shpiro (IL)

  • Colonel Damir Stručić (HR)

  • Prof.Dr. Miroslav Tuđman (HR)


Institut za istraživanje hibridnih sukoba (IIHS)

Hybrid Warfare Research Institute

OIB: 31073348655

Adresa sjedišta: Teslina ulica 10, 10000 Zagreb

Matični broj: 4671406 

Registracijski broj: 21012385

Godina osnivanja: 2017.

94.99 Djelatnosti ostalih članskih organizacija, d. n. (NKD 2007)
Sektor S - Ostale uslužne djelatnosti


Predsjednik Udruge:

  • Gordan Akrap 

Podpredsjednici Udruge:

  • Roman Domović
  • Vilko Klasan

Izvršna direktorica Udruge:

  • Đilda Pečarić

Hybrid Warfare Research Institute


  • Gordan Akrap, PhD


  • Roman Domović, PhD 
  • Vilko Klasan, PhD

 Executive Director:

  • Đilda Pečarić, PhD


Udruga Sv. Jurja 

Dobriše Cesarića 9

10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

OIB: 54975142680

IBAN: HR94 2390 0011 1003 6899 2

Hrvatska poštanska banka, Zagreb

Godina osnivanja: 1999.

Registracijski broj: 00001288

Djelatnost: 94.99 Djelatnosti ostalih članskih organizacija, d. n. (NKD 2007)



Predsjednik Udruge: 

  • prof.dr. Mate Ljubičić

Podpredsjednik Udruge: 

  • Miroslav Međimorec

 Član Uprave:

  • prof.dr. Miroslav Tuđman


St. George Association

President: prof.dr. Mate Ljubičić 


  • Miroslav Medjimorec, PhD 
  • Gordan Akrap, PhD

 member of the Board:

  • prof.dr. Miroslav Tuđman