Call for Papers - Forum 2020

On behalf of the Organisation And Program Committee of the Resilient Critical Infrastructure - 5th Zagreb Security Forum: Hybrid Threats and Wars in 21st Century - here is a Call for papers for Forum 2020, which will be held on March 13-14, 2020


Analysing the processes of preparation, leadership, response, and endings of modern security threats and wars, as well as the conclusions of the Zagreb Security Forum 2019, we consider it necessary to look at these processes even deeper, and better. Further intensifying the collaboration between scientists and practitioners, on national, regional and international levels, it is imperative that threatening security processes could be sufficiently recognized early enough in order to be prepared for an effective response.
One of the key segments of modern security threats, according to ZSF 2019 conclusions, is tailored and embedded disinformation that is trying to influence the cognitive processes of target audiences. A successful distribution of disinformation can be compared with seedling in agriculture. Both of those two activities, in order to be successful, needs quality preparation. It is precisely this process of preparing a target audience for exposure to disinformation, that can be utilized as an early warning signal. Therefore, we need to develop models in order to timely and reliably recognise these signals.


We welcome paper proposals, with scientific background, on every issue relating to the conference theme, with special emphasis on:
  • Hybrid Threats in 21st Century (such as Digital Cold War, Economy Warfare with accent on Energy Warfare)
  • Concept and character of 21st Century War;
  • Hybrid Warfare, Political Extremism and Populism (with special accent on West Balkan 6 and MENA region);
  • Modern threats to Maritime security with accent to the Mediterranean Sea; 
  • Deep analysis of the election results in EU in 2019 (on national and EU level), including suggestions and recommendations for future election protection from malicious influences;
  • Advantages, limitations, ethical questions and legal consequences of counter hybrid threats activities.
Submit your paper proposal abstract of 250-300 words and your detailed CV in English by email provided in Call For Papers (.PDF) document

The deadline for proposal submissions is May 12, 2019. 
Notifications of acceptance will go out by the end of May 2019. 

Conference presenters are invited to submit their revised paper in form of an article to the National Security and The Future and Strategos journals.


Please do not hesitate to forward this CfP to anyone that you might find as an expert for the Forum. 
For more info about Forum papers please Contact us

Dr. Gordan Akrap